Sibarg Ensemble


4:30pm – Pompeian Room

Performance: Iranian jazz fusion

Traditional Iranian music meets jazz improv in this charismatic ensemble. The earthy sounds of Kamancheh fiddle and Tar lute interweave seamlessly with double bass, piano, and Farsi vocals.


The Sibarg Ensemble was established in 2008 by Hesam Abedini along with a group of students as the first Fusion Ensemble of the Tehran Music Conservatory in Iran. Since 2010, Hesam Abedini and Niloufar Shiri (founding members) have moved to the United States where they have performed at many academic and cultural institutions and music festivals. With each performance, they share their methods and innovations in fusing Eastern and Western melodic patterns that form the basis of their unique and original compositions.

In 2015, Sibarg invited Kyle Motl (Double Bass), Josh Charney (Piano) and Ebrahim Poustinchi (Târ) to join the ensemble, which became a starting point for several concerts in different cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles. In these concerts, Sibarg combined traditional Iranian and Jazz music in order to create a sense of unity and peace and facilitate interculturalism. Recently, Sibarg’s first album “Cipher” has been published, which includes compositions by Josh Charney, Kyle Motl, and Hesam Abedini as well as new arrangements of Iranian folk tunes.