Maya Jupiter and Los Cambalache


3:30pm – Pompeian Room

Performance: Hip Hop Son Jarocho Songs

Hip hop-infused with Son Jarocho, Maya’s songs meld Chican@ Rock, Mexican tradition and thought-provoking lyrics. She sings accompanied by Maestro Cesar Castro and Xochi Flores of Los Cambalache.

4:30pm - Auditorium

Workshop: Son Jarocho


Born in La Paz, Mexico to a Mexican Father and Turkish Mother, Maya grew up in Sydney, Australia. It was in Sydney’s Western Suburbs where she first fell in love with Hip Hop.  Maya’s love of writing rhymes helped her express her fear, pain, joy and hope as a teenager and later on she realized the power music held in using it as a tool to make a positive difference in her community.  It is with this ideal that she co-founded Artivist Entertainment, an entertainment company committed to creating and supporting art and music that inspires positive social change alongside Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzales, Alberto Lopez and Aloe Blacc.